UMSU submission on proposed Student Participation in Study Policy — 8 October 2020

On 25 September we published a video to let you know about a new policy that the University is seeking to introduce which will effectively punish students who are struggling with mental health issues, rather than provide them with additional support.

Today UMSU submitted its response for consultation into the University’s proposed ‘Student Participation in Study Policy’, which outlines the areas of significant concern with the policy alongside its recommendations to address issues of student participation in a supportive and holistic framework.

In short, UMSU is recommending the following:

  • The proposed policy is not implemented, as it would in practice act against its purpose to support students who are struggling as a result of poor mental health.
  • The University undertake a trauma informed and student centric analysis of the University’s current student facing policies with a view to ensuring positive mental health outcomes for students.
  • The University develop a Mental Health Framework to deliver proactive and comprehensive support to improve the mental health and wellbeing of students.
  • The University commit to enhanced consultation with students about academic and other study related adjustments to reach a mutually beneficial outcome, where the adjustments are reasonable and are tailored to the particular needs of the student.
  • The University provide improved education for academic staff on how to balance the competing priorities of academic requirements and supporting students in line with equity principles.

Take a read of the submission on our website here.