29 April – 9 May 2014

Closing Night, Thursday 8 May, 5 – 7pm

Rudi Williams


“Was he seeing or remembering?
He marveled at the faculty of sight, its prodigious ultra-physiognomic capacities, the dilation of the pupil, the brain’s interpretations.”
– César Aira

An Episode in the life of a landscape painter
Unfixed explores the deconstruction of the analogue photographic process and perception: looking at people looking at artwork. The large images are printed to reveal the grain that a photographic image consists of, thus acknowledging the materiality of the photograph. By relocating objects usually associated with the dark room to the gallery space, the artifice that resides in the photographic process is acknowledged. In the exploration of the ephemerality of the photographic image as an impression of reality, the work documents an analogue way of seeing made precarious by new technology.

See the installation photos here.