University of Melbourne mental health requires action, not self-congratulatory announcements — 13 October 2020

Today the University of Melbourne proudly announced the release of a report into the impact of mental health conditions on student wellbeing and academic outcomes. Despite the University’s upbeat announcement, this report paints a bleak picture of student mental health and only underscores the need for the University to take urgent action.

Hannah Buchan, President of UMSU, observed “This report was undertaken before the onset of a global pandemic and we know that student mental health is even more precarious than ever. Students have been crying out for support from the University all year – what we need is urgent action based in empathy and compassion. What we see is empty words and self-congratulation.”

Claiming to be “a benchmark study” the report’s major findings simply echo what students and University of Melbourne Student Union have been telling the University for years; that students struggling with the impacts of mental health conditions needs a coordinated and compassionate response.

Hannah Buchan says “This is not a benchmark study – it is final and incontrovertible proof that the University has not acted to address the crisis in student mental health.”

UMSU endorses the report’s recommendations and supports their immediate implantation.

Hannah notes that, “UMSU has been campaigning all year on issues that impact on student mental health. It seems like every week there is some new policy being proposed that stands in stark contrast to the recommendations contained in this report. If the University had implemented the approaches outlined in the report this would have protected students from some of the worst impacts of the pandemic.”

“It is a sad reflection of the University’s priorities that in its announcement it fails to commit to adopting the recommendations contained in this report. If the University is unwilling to commit to a comprehensive and holistic approach to supporting students in the midst of a pandemic – students rightly ask if not now, when?” concluded Hannah Buchan.

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