Upstream color

Upstream Color

directed by Shane Carruth DVD 810 CAR

After watching Primer, and then this, it’s safe to say that Carruth don’t make no films for no idiots. So: a drug dealer feeds wormy things to a woman named Kris, she signs all her possessions over to him, then a mysterious mastermind extracts the worms and feeds them to pigs, and he makes weird music, and Kris only remembers this when she meets a guy called Jeff, and eventually the life-cycle of the organism and the pair’s involvement come kind-of full circle. I think. Don’t quote me. If you can, turn off the front of your brain and let the movie synthesize an experience for you. You’ll get enough narrative cohesiveness to make it satisfying, but really it’s just best to treat this film as a high quality immersion experience. I enjoyed this more than Primer, I think, because there’s less high-speed science-mumble and more concentration on images. Looking forward to his next venture.