Week 8 and 9 Wrap Up

Brought to you from Santiago, Chile


Last week was a little too hectic for a week 8 wrap up — I was too busy trying to get everything either done or in motion before leaving on a flight on Sunday for the Universitas 21 Conference in Chile! But here’s what I probably would have said:

Start of week we closed applications for our brand new (as in the role itself) O-Week Student Directors. Ever since UMSU took over the running of the O-week Host Scheme from the University, it’s been generally expected that at some stage we’ll have students running it instead of staff (and after all, who better to organise student orientation than students?). I arranged interview times and circulated candidate applications to the interview panel — and we held interviews last week too. Pleased to say we now have three O-week student directors and I for one can’t wait to see what they do with it.

Speaking of things that have been on the agenda for a while, I’ve always wanted to hold an UMSU market; and when a few thrifty students expressed interest in a market independently of my little plan, I decided to throw it into action— AND put the amount of work I’d usually spread over two weeks into two days (fun times!). The market will be on Monday of Week 12 in North Court, and will give you the chance to save or make some dollars! You can sign up to have a stall (applications close on the 15th!), and check out the Facebook event.

There have been no further meetings of the Student Precinct Steering Group, but four more are now scheduled for the rest of the year. We have however been having discussions over email about how specifically the project will be governed. Nothing will be decided until our next Steering Group meeting, but there is strong support for the creation of a Working Group that meets more frequently and spans the stakeholder perspectives. I’ll do my best to make sure there are as many types of students present as possible (such as Theatre, the Co-operatives, Clubs, the list goes on…). Email hasn’t been the best forum for robust discussion around what form this group will take—but the more meetings and the more info, the better.

As for this week, I’ll write a full update in a later blog about the U21 Conference. Our own Vice-Chancellor is here, as well as many from around the world—it’s been fascinating discussing some of the world trends in higher education over dinner, with many people with a vested interest: from Chilean student presidents to Irish Deputy-Vice-Chancellors (the three of us had a great chat over dinner last night, in fact).

I’m on leave for the next week and a half, but if you need to get in contact with me you can always still get me on email: president@union.unimelb.edu.au. I’ll do my best to get to it when I can!

P.S. Next week is Stress Less Week. It’s certainly getting to that time of semester!