What’s an ‘advocacy’?

So by now you’ve figured out where the toilets are, where the best coffee is and how to get to your lecture located on platform 9 ¾.

The wide eyed wonder with which you stepped onto campus has been replaced by a knowing twinkle in your eye (soon to be replaced with the empty gaze of the unslept once end of semester hits). You know stuff. But do you know ‘all’ the stuff? There’s still a hidden world out there in the universe.

A sort of invisible structure of policies, procedures and rules that oversee your life on campus. Much like your great aunt’s map of spider veins running up her leg, you might not want to know about it. Unlike her network of spider veins, you need to know about it. Also, the University kinda expects you to be well, um, familiar with the spider veins, er, policies.

Chances are, you’ve already entered the invisible structure through your student account on the interwebs. You may be stuck and need some advice about how to deal with the University, SEDS, Stop 1 or your faculty. We can give you that advice. That’s what an Advocacy (Service) is.

Want to find out more? Click here. We know you want to.

This post was brought to you by the UMSU Advocacy Service.

They have a combined educational experience of approximately 500 years. Their collective HECS debt is zero per cent of your business. They call themselves ‘the justice league of UMSU’ (they have a poster on their wall to prove it). They are: the most interesting advocates in the world*.

*They are very likely not the most interesting advocates in the world.