Wom*ns News

What is the Wom*n’s Department working on?

We have the following weekly events this semester;

Monday Wom*n’s Action Collective!  1pm, Wom*n’s Room, Union House Level 1Get involved with our activist campaigns on campus! We run a lot of our policy questions and event plans through here. Such as Blue stockings week, Rad sex and consent week, fundraisers, campaigns. Today,  Thursday 30th, we are had a WAC session to paint banners and pickets for the Abortion rally coming up.

Tuesday Women of Colour Collective (WoCC) 12pm,  Wom*n’s Room,  Union House Level  1 (Women of Colour come from many backgrounds, including Aboriginal, African, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latin@, Arab and multiracial. These are just some of ethnicities of the Women of Colour studying on campus. Being a Woman of Colour is complicated, the term speaks of being gendered and racialised in a society that is both racist and sexist . Some of us try to reclaim this identity, if you experiences these processes of racialization (no matter how you look) and you identify as a Woman of Colour)

Wednesday Feminist Discussion group When: 1 pm,  Where: Joe Napolitano Room A Union House Level 2 A space for students of all genders (not just women) to learn about and discuss feminist issues of the past and present.

Thursday Ladies Who Lunch with Ladies; 2 pm, Wom*n’s Room, Union House Level 1 A casual catch up for queer and questioning wom*n on campus. Tea, snacks and excellent company provided.

Also Thursday Stitch and Bitch  4pm, Wom*n’s Room Union house Level 1.Stitch and Bitch is  a craft session for people who can do knitting and crafty things already and for people who want to learn.  Needles, Yarn and wool provided.

O week
We have been gearing up and contacting people for Oweek. Our plan at the moment is to hand out approximately 750 showbags on the Tuesday at Parkville and 150 at VCA on the Wednesday. In these showbags we will have lollies, information about the Safe Community policy/ app, tampons, pads, lube, and hopefully dams, condoms, pamphlets on various things like WIRE, sexual health, healthy relationships. We will also have a zine in them which will include info about the women’s room, our timetable of events, social media and articles written by members of our collective as well as feminist quotes. We will also be asking for volunteers to help us on the Tuesday to act as guides every 10-30 minutes to take women to the Wom*n’s room so they actually know where it is. There we will be playing various dvds of films and tv shows and food, as well as have an extra table full of free goodies that women, new students and students already at the university, can take to add to their showbags. This table will include information about past campaigns, free t-shirts and stationary, stickers and more pamphlets.

Wom*n’s Mentoring Network

Would you like to be get involved with the Women’s department here at university? Would you like to be part of a group that shares information and tips on how to get jobs and achieve during you Bachelors? Would you like an opportunity to network with other women in the university and professionals in the field you are hoping to make a career out of? Then this is the program for you!!

What is the Women’s Mentoring Network?
The Women’s Mentoring Network is a professional networking group, which allows women to meet, talk and share experiences in a casual setting. The network will group undergraduate students with post graduate women in their field, it will also invite significant key note speakers for the group at large. The Network will provide support and training for the mentors, an opportunity for leadership that will make them more outstanding graduates in the work force.
Our women’s mentoring network provides a structured and trusting relationship that brings undergraduate women together with caring individuals who have successfully made it into postgrad and started careers in many different fields who provide support and encouragement  and knowledge to our women mentees. The Mentors a are a sounding board and wealth of experience for mentees to learn from.

Meeting approximately once a fortnight (depending on the mentor) as well as having monthly networking events it is truly a program that will help you get ahead!
To sign up fill out this form;

Think you could be a mentor? We are looking for postgraduate women students or undergraduates returning to study or doing their first degree but having worked in the work force with information and skills to share.
You would only have to meet with you mentee group (approximately 1-5 mentees per mentor) once a fortnight for about an hour on average. We will provide you with all the necessary information and training you need for this program! It is a truly great program that was a huge success last year and we hope to continue it this year

Sign up here;

OR if you can’t commit to fortnightly catch ups that’s okay!! You are still welcome to come to our monthly networking events!!
Semester One Dates for Women’s Mentoring Network Networking nights. Put them in your diary now~!
Week 3 Wednesday 19th of March
Week 7 Tuesday 15th of April
Week 11 Monday 19th May

More info will come soon~!~!

Rad Sex and Consent Week (week 7)

What’s rad and sexy and rhymes with “Dad eats but resents leek”?

Rad Sex and Consent Week!

It’s a Melbourne University Queer and Women’s Department joint event that occurs annually in a jam packed week of learning how to have fun, safe sexy times and the activities associated…like learning how to create the perfect chocolate sauce…for you to lick off your partner’s back
Unfortunately, these chocolate sauce recipes don’t write themselves. We would like you to help us in our quest to create the perfect chocolate sauce and make a damn amazing Rad Sex and Consent Week happen.

We need volunteers to sit in workshops and make sure that everyone is having a good and safe time by listening and supporting anyone who might be having a bad time during the week. We’ll also be needing people to write/draw/photograph and contribute in any way for the “Rad Sex and Consent Zine: 2014” (the theme for the zine is in the name…though A+ for a good chocolate sauce recipe)
We have started planning Rad Sex and Consent week as a cross campus event this year with Monash, La Trobe and hopefully RMIT. We are also expanding UMSU’s departmental participation with the Indigenous and Disabilities departments helping with the week. We have rough plans in place for the workshops we are hoping to run and will be contacting more people over the next few weeks. We are currently on the lookout for any film suggestions to feature during our two film nights and welcome any ideas for more workshops our students would like to see run. We found that usually the week is light on consent and so we hope to bring that back into equal focus this year. We have our opening dry event planned nicely with it being on Sunday the 13th of April at the VCA where all students from universities across the state will be welcome. We are hoping to have two bbqs and platters of food and aim to have food for all to eat, particularly keeping in mind that this year Rad Sex and Consent week falls on Passover. We hope that our creative arts officers may be able to think up some ideas for entertainment for our picnic. The closing ceremony will be held on the Thursday night, as the Friday is Good Friday and the start of the university break. Whilst we are having slight trouble finding a location without a room hire fee that accommodates our expected numbers (300) we remain hopefully, particularly with a new resource just been passed on to us.

If any of these jobs tickle your fancy, shoot an email to queer@union.unimelb.edu.au or womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au
Safe Event Culture Policy (name still in the works) (TW: Rape)
The Safe culture policy is a policy being created to make university events safer for women in particular and more welcoming to every student. With rape culture a concerning phenomenon we are creating this policy to combat this culture at a university level. We will hopefully be working with the Activities and Club and Societies departments to create better regulations for university and university affiliated events. We hope to implement consent workshops/ talks as a mandatory feature of camps, suggested movie screening criteria or a discussion about how it fails to meet the criteria, and a no play list which would include songs featuring violence against women, such as Blurred lines. The disabilities department is also considering a policy about Trigger warnings in tutorials and lectures which we would hope to expand in our policy to events run where guest speakers or movies are shown. For the first few weeks we have been focusing on gathering evidence that shows the necessity of this policy and the harmful nature of rape culture, as well as precedence for a “no-play” list. Which we have found. Easily.

Other Events 

In the second week of semester we will have an International Wom*n’s day events which we are considering turning into a fundraiser and we will either have a speaker or a movie or both.
To stay up to date with the department regularly visit this page OR
Join the Wom*n’s facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/umsu.womyns/  it’s the easiest place to stay up to date with what you can get involved with. The blog also is usually up to date.
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