Anthropology is a great subject if you enjoy being a fly on the wall. It is a subject that takes you outside your comfort zone as it explores the major social and political concerns of our era through an observation of the lives of real people all over the world. Since anthropology’s move to be more like sociology and reflect not only other societies, but also our own, it has been struck with some interesting parallels and resolved some of its previous misconceptions. It is a great pathway for any work and further studies, not just anthropology itself.  All the lecturers are fantastic, and tend to have their own little styles. Monica Minnegal is fantastic at making really complex questions make sense, and her voice just makes you want to learn more. Definitely look at taking her subjects in second and third year. Tammy Koehn is fantastic at exposing issues that we take for granted, and is really encouraging. Paul Green gets a special mention for anyone interested in travel or migration, and the second year core subject Engaging the World in Theory & Practice is challenging but really gets you to think deeply about the way we think about our world.

If you like to observe, think, question, and can be compassionate then this is the major for you.