The Welfare department is a core element of student unions across Australia. University students are there to learn and have fun, but this is not possible if a student’s welfare is suffering. It is Welfare’s job to provide a range of services that cater to the needs of students and maximise health, both physical and mental, for all students and the community.

The Welfare department provides a broad variety of initiatives, some that are seen on and around campus, such as Union Mart and Welfare Brunches, and some that go on behind the scenes, such as advocating for increased mental health care and maximising safety on campus. We also provide opportunities for students to volunteer at our events to make friends and help their community!

The Welfare department intends to allocate resources to the genuine issues impacting students, such as the rising cost of living, the isolation of moving to a new city/state/country, and the growing mental health issues that have become all too common.

Our department is in no way perfect, but we intend to serve the needs of students. As your representatives, please reach out to discuss how we can best ensure your welfare at the University of Melbourne.

Divyanshi Sati & Joshua Stagg
Welfare Officers

Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung Country

Level 2, Building 168


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The Welfare department is here to support your health, growth and wellbeing, no matter what stage of your uni journey. If you want to create change in the community, we campaign on a broad range of student welfare concerns. Or you can come and hang out at our events, online or in-person. You can also sign up to one of our (many) giveaways!