UMSU is an organisation run by students, for students. We’re here to help you make the most out of your time at University of Melbourne. UMSU – the Smash Hits soundtrack to your uni days.

Find support

Oh no. Oh no. Oh nonononono… When things aren’t going to plan, you have UMSU – the best support act.

Buddy up!

Find the Sonny to your Cher, the Billie to your Finneas, the G to your Flip. Grow that friends list – get social at UMSU.

Make a difference

We’re all in this together – Contribute and connect with causes close to your heart.

Express yourself

Oh my god we see the way you shine. Submit a piece, meet likeminded people and project your talent into the stratosphere.

Things to do at UMSU

Think of this as your Daily Mix – there’s always something to do, see, or get involved in at UMSU. Come on feel the noise.

About the Student Union

Can’t find the song you need? Hum a couple of bars and UMSU can help you sing along.