Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a restful holiday and continue to stay safe. UMSU is currently busy preparing for Summerfest that will take place during the 21st of February until the 4th of March. We’re so excited to see your faces during this week and hopefully it would be a great introduction to new students joining our community. We’ll be monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely in line with the University’s advice to ensure that students are as safe as possible when returning to campus.

As a fresh new year, I’d like to express how excited I am for 2022. UMSU and its departments have an incredible vision for campaigns and events for the upcoming months that are worth engaging with. The last two years have been incredibly tough for students – and from the looks of things, this year won’t be smooth sailing either. There is still so much to advocate for so that no student is left behind. UMSU is for YOU. So, if there’s something that you would like UMSU to pay attention to, please feel free to reach out by email.

I’ll be updating news throughout the year on important campaigns, information, and events. I hope to meet some of you during O-Week or come drop by my office when it’s safe.

Sophie Nguyen

UMSU President