Hey there! I’m Disha, your UMSU President for 2024.

UMSU is for students, by students. It’s the peak representative body at the University, as well as one of the biggest and reputed unions in the country! We at UMSU are going to be your BESTIE throughout your university journey by providing you with free food, over 200+ clubs to get involved with, free advocacy and legal help, fun events and parties! All this and more with a FREE UNION MEMBERSHIP.

There are numerous departments within UMSU who oversee different things. These include; Activities, People of Colour, Welfare, Women’s and many more. They hold events, collectives, campaigns, and activist spaces so every student can feel connected on campus. UMSU also has a legal and advocacy service to support you in case things go wrong during your time at university.

The UMSU President is elected to be the spokesperson of UMSU, the face and heart of the Student Union and everything it represents. I’m here to act as liaison between you and the University to help ensure your voices are heard! So, if there’s something that you would like UMSU to pay attention to, please feel free to reach out by email or visit my office.

See you around campus!

Disha Zutshi