Hello and welcome! UMSU, more formally known as the University of Melbourne Student Union is your student organisation. We’re here to be the peak representative body for all students at the University of Melbourne, and we’re run by students, for students!

UMSU does a wide range of things to help students at university. If you need support we’re here for you, whether that be in your degree, or life more generally. All students have access to our free Legal and Advocacy service, and our elected student representatives and departments are always happy to help you out too. We also provide safe spaces on campus.

Apart from offering support, there are a range of ways for you to get involved with the fun stuff that UMSU does too! Find your community on campus by joining a collective, coming to one of our great events such as the weekly free Beers Bands and BBQs, or joining one of the 200+ clubs that exist on campus!

If you’re passionate about fighting against the injustices of our world, whether that be fighting cuts to education, fighting for our environment, organising for women’s issues or advocating for worker’s rights, there’s a place for your activism in UMSU.

There are also a heap of volunteering opportunities. Make friends volunteering with the Welfare Department’s weekly free breakfasts or helping our departments run a variety of events. Volunteer in campaigns run out of the education and environment departments. If you have uni experiences to share, volunteer in the UMSU orientation host program, or with the Mentoring Network.

Whatever you do at uni, there is a place for you to get involved in UMSU. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all that’s happening.

Hannah Buchan
UMSU President

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