Hi and welcome to UMSU, the University of Melbourne Student Union, run by students, for students!

You’ll find uni a vibrant and exciting place and in your first few weeks you’ll get to meet a whole bunch of new people from different high schools, states and cultures. Make sure you seize every opportunity and check out the stuff UMSU has to offer.

We have over 200 clubs which cover just about any interest you may have. We offer volunteering opportunities for students, and run student collectives for all of our departments that cover a broad range of issues from education to environment. We also provide safe spaces on campus, a free advocacy and legal advice services, plus a whole lot more you can find on this website.

If there’s one thing you can do this year is to sign up to our newsletter and get involved in something with UMSU. You won’t regret it!


Yan Zhuang
UMSU President

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