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Coffee Appreciation For Enthusiasts upcoming CAFE events!
1st January midnight - 21st January midnight
A blue background with the words 'Eurovision Bingo: 5pm, Thursday 9th March, Saloon Room, The Clyde Hotel'. The Eurovision Social Club and Clubs and Societies Logos are at the bottom of the image. Eurovision Social Club Bingo Night!
9th March 5pm - 9th March 8pm
Saloon Room, The Clyde, Carlton
Come play Bingo with us at the Clyde!
Clubs and Societies
UMSU Volunteering UMSU Exam Support Stall
5th June 8am - 21st June 5pm
Royal Exhibition Building
Whether you need stationery, some sugar or just some friendly advice, UMSU's Exam Support Stall has got your back!
M-ASS Presents: MAX 2023 Arts Students Society M-ASS Presents: MAX 2023
22nd June 7pm - 1am
What’s the best way to celebrate exams being over? A. MAX B. MAX M-ASS are so keen to yet again announce our bi-annual Massive After eXams party  Get yourself and your friends down to shake off the end of semester stress with Artie Prime
Clubs and Societies
Swifties’ Society (Taylor’s Version) Speak Now EOX Party
22nd June 7pm - 11pm
Prince Alfred Rooftop and Bar, 191 Grattan Street Carlton 3053
Life's a EOX Party and you're on the LIST! What Better than Revision? UniMelb Swifties' VERY FIRST EOX Party!
Clubs and Societies
Tabletop Gaming Society Long Games Day
8th July noon - 7pm
Arts West, University of Melbourne
It's time for Long Games Day! The day we play long board games! We've got a lot of games that don't get played as much because of the time they take and this is your chance to play them.
Electrical Engineering Club WattHack 2023
13th July 10am - 14th July 7pm
Telstra Creator Space, Melbourne Connect
Clubs and Societies
University of Melbourne Student Union Get Discounts
17th July 9am - 21st July 5pm
Check out the student deals and discounts
WinterFest Non Core Events
Biomedical Engineering Society MediThon 2023
19th July 10am - 21st July 6pm
Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room, Sidney Myer Asia Centre & Telstra Creator Space
Potter Heads OWLs Exams - Trivia Night
28th July 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Jim Potter Room, Unimelb Campus
What better way to start the semester than with the stress of exams? Well, if you want to experience exams, without the stress of your grades impacting your entire university career, then this is the event for you!
Clubs and Societies
ROC Rehearsal in 2022 Ring of Choir Ring of Choir Rehearsal
31st July 3pm - 4:30pm
102, Market Hall
Clubs and Societies
Tabletop Gaming Society TGS Camp 2023
4th August 5pm - 6th August noon
Tree Tops Riddles Creek Camp
G'day campers! If you want to head out into the bush for an outback adventure, with all the luxuries of a (hopefully) warm scout camp filled with boardgames then boy howdy do I have the google form for you!
Clubs and Societies
Potter Heads Welcome Back to Hogwarts - Trivia Night
1st September 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Wolfhound On Brunswick
As our fourth and final trivia night of this semester rolls around, it's time to go back to Hogwarts for the last time. And so, here we go
Clubs and Societies
Potter Heads Nearly Headless Nick's Death Day Party
20th October 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Wolfhound On Brunswick
Call in Halloween and the end of the semester in one foul swoop! Put on your Hogwarts best, and come on down to Wolfhound on Brunswick to celebrate that we made it this far
Clubs and Societies
Nursing Students’ Society Nursing Ball 2023
1st December 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Malvern Town Hall
You're invited to the glitz and glam ball, celebrating nursing. Hosted by the Melbourne University Nursing Student Society, we are looking forward to celebrate nursing with those both studying to enter the healthcare industry and those already in it!
Clubs and Societies