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Hi! We're Julian and Lucy, and we are your 2024 Education (Academic) Officers.

What is Education (Academic)?

We’re the link between students and the academic and policy processes of the University. We’re here to help represent you in discussing any ideas and concerns you might have with the university.

How do we help?

We sit on university academic committees representing us, students, to feedback on how the university is being run, and our goal is to steer the direction of teaching and learning so that we can receive the best education.

In the past, the office has contributed to developing policies such as compulsory lecture recordings, lowering the Grade Point Average (GPA) needed for exchange programs, introducing languages as breadth for art students, and preventing the closure of Burnley Library.

To achieve this, we coordinate the Student Representative Network, a group of students that are elected to sit on university committees, so that ultimately we, the students, can have a say in the decisions that the university makes. 

In addition, you’ll find our Counter Course Handbook which allows you to give your own perspective on a subject. It’s kind of like the uni handbook – except it’s written by you for students. Here’s your chance to tell all about those assessments, fieldwork and more!

We also want to help all students find the right services and contacts to address any academic issues that they may come across, including special consideration, assessment disputes, and appeals.

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