UMSU International Annual General Election

Information about the UMSU International Annual General Election.

April By-Election

Provisional Declaration

April 13 2023

Caitlin Wessner is provisionally elected unopposed as Southbank Campus Representative on Student Council.

No nominations were received for

  • Indigenous Representative on Student Council
  • Members of Indigenous Committee (5 positions)
  • Southbank Campus Committee (3 positions)
  • Burnley Campus Committee (3 positions)

    so no polling is required and these positions all remain vacant

Two ticket registrations were received, whose eligibility is being checked.

Stephen Luntz
Returning Officer
Above Quota Elections


Contact details

Visit the Election website: http://union.unimelb.edu.au/elections

Returning Officer: Stephen Luntz (Ph: 0438 667 787) sluntz@abovequota.com.au

Deputy Returning Officer: Patrick Clearwater (Ph:0431 666 111) pclearwater@abovequota.com.au

Email: ReturningOfficer@unimelb.edu.au (note this has yet to be activated)

Mail: UMSU Returning Officer, c/o Above Quota Elections, PO Box 2157, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

2023 Annual General Election

The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU)'s annual election will begin on Monday 4 September and conclude on Friday 8 September 2023.  

The Annual Elections are regulated by the UMSU Constitution and Election Regulations both of which are available here.

UMSU has established the capacity for the electoral roll to be managed electronically so all elections can be conducted via an online voting platform, including onsite voting as well as remotely (hybrid).


UMSU International 2023 Elections which, subject to confirmation, are likely to held from 15-19 May 2023.  The UMSU International Elections are to be conducted in accordance with the UMSU International Regulations which can be found here.