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Through our promotional opportunities, we offer advertising and activation placements to brands and businesses who wish to connect with the student market.  

We offer a variety of campus activation packages that can help you reach your target audience and generate excitement for your event. Our packages include a variety of elements, such as free food, raffles and prizes, games and activities, music and entertainment, and informational booths. 

Pricing: Our campus activation packages start at $950+GST per day. The price will vary depending on the specific elements, dates, days and events on campus.

Reach: 57,000+ subscribers, with additional growth each semester 

UMSU’s eNews is sent on a Friday, filled with vital information for students about what’s happening on campus. With outstanding reach and open rates like this, it’s a great way to connect.

Price:  $800 + GST 


  • Landscape rectangular image (600 x 222 pixels)
  • 70words maximum
  • Optional website link 

Reach: 33,000+ followers, with additional growth each semester 
UMSU Facebook page has consistently high engagement. Limited to only 3 external posts per week. 

Price:  $650 + GST per post   


  • 70 words maximum   
  • Square image (1080 x 1080 pixels)
  • Optional website and/or Facebook page link   

We all know that students like free and discounted things! Our Get Discounts page is a great opportunity for you to entice students to try your products or services by offering them an exclusive incentive.

A few guidelines:

  • All deals must be exclusive to University of Melbourne students.
  • All deals must remain valid for the entire duration of booking.
  • The discount deals page is updated at the beginning of each semester.
  • Bookings must be received by January 30 for Semester 1 and June 30 for Semester 2
  • Payment must be made by the commencement of each semester. Listings will not be published before payment is made.
  • All listings will be automatically removed at the end of each semester/year unless the booking is renewed.

Price: $250+GST per month (minimum 3 months)

Every advertiser knows that giveaways are one of the best ways to spread the word about your business, especially to students!  

  • $350 +GST for <250 items 
  • $500 +GST for 250-750 items 
  • $850 +GST for 750-1000 items 
  • $1,100 +GST for 1000-1200 items 

Please note: All promotional material must be a physical item or a voucher.

We’re always interested in sustainable, exciting and useful products and vouchers to share with students at Orientation events and during the semester. Get in touch to get your brand out via inclusion in our: 

  • Prizes for UMSU events (eg trivia nights, drag makeup workshops, awards, publication launches and more!) 
  • Survey incentives and regular student giveaways.
  • Daily breakfasts, weekly BBQs, frequent department lunches and meetings 
  • Kits with sexual health and personal hygiene essentials 

We’ll only email you a few times a year to announce new opportunities for our major events and promotional opportunities including orientation events, Clubs Expos, Bands and more! 

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Note: All bookings must be approved by the UMSU Ethical Committee and adhere to UMSU’s Advertising Terms and Conditions