Education Public

EdPub is the radical activist department- we're here to fight for you!

Hi there! Welcome to the Education Public (EdPub) UMSU page. We're the staunch department that builds activist campaigns fighting for your rights on and off campus. If you're concerned about anything that happens at Unimelb we're here to stand up for your rights! In 2023, we'll have plenty of great events and campaigns planned all centring on issues that are impacting students like cost of living, and delivery of education. These campaigns will be accessible, transparent and will recogise intersectionality in our activism. If you want to get more involved, come along to the Education Action collective and have a chat to us! Otherwise, chuck us an e-mail and we'll get back to you ASAP! All of our details can be found below:

Office: Room 222, Level 2, Building 168

Can't wait to see you on campus this year!

In solidarity,
Carlos Lagos (He/him)
Education (Public Affairs) Officer 2023