A hidden garden just a stone’s throw from the cityA newspaper clipping of a trendy looking woman in sunglasses and overalls demonstrating to a group of people dressed in long formal coats and hats. Caption reads: "She knows all the answers - A student of the Burnley Horticultural school answering questions on how to garden in the modern way after a demonstration of vegetable planting on Saturday.

With 160 years of gardening history, Burnley is the beating heart of all things plants in Victoria. Our relaxing campus sits in a bend of the Birrarung just next to Richmond, and is home to heritage-listed gardens, magnificent trees, cozy facilities straight out of the 70's, and the most peaceful library in the whole university.

If you’ve never heard of us, hop on tram 70 to come explore our little botanical Garden of Eden! Burnley is a great spot for birdwatching, walking along the river, discovering a new favourite plant species or just relaxing on the lawn under the huge old trees. We reckon we're Unimelb's best-kept secret and that’s how we like it, so just keep it on the DL ;)

Our students

Our friendly cohort of post-grad students is like an extended family, each of us with interesting stories and life experiences to share. The Burnley Department are here to represent our unique needs to the rest of the union and deliver useful services, workshops and social events that cater to our green-thumbed tendencies.

Visit us

Burnley is just a tram or train ride away from the CBD, or alternatively hop on a bike and enjoy a relaxing ride along the main Yarra trail. If you need to drive, free parking is available on one side of Yarra Blvd, or visit reception in the main building to get a parking permit if you'll be a regular visitor.

Get in touch

The Burnley Department are awaiting the appointment of a new campus co-ordinator and committee as of April 2024. In the meantime, enquiries can be directed to burnley@union.unimelb.edu.au but please be aware the address is not currently monitored.