The Ida Bar

Ida Bar is closed... for now!

Unfortunately, we've closed our Union House doors for the final time. Hopefully we'll be able to share news about a triumphant return soon! Keep an eye on our socials (@umsuunimelb) for updates and keep us in your thoughts.

About The Ida

The Ida is more than just a bar. Yes, it has comfy chairs and a selection of your favourite delicious beverages and toasties, but it also represents a story of triumph and equality that goes back to the very beginnings of this university.

The Princess Ida Club was established back in 1888, just five years after Bella Guerin became the first woman to graduate university in Australia. Despite this, women were still excluded from men’s societies and spaces on campus, prompting a group of bold students to call for a change. Thus, the Princess Ida Club was born, women on campus had a space they could call their own for the first time and one of the early victories for gender equality at Unimelb was won.

It seems only fitting for us to commemorate their bravery in the name of UMSU’s new bar. It’s a space where everyone is welcome, made for students by students. It’s a place that epitomizes what we set out to achieve for you: a thriving community of students who stand together for respect and equal rights. That, and making sure you have a great time while you’re here.

Drink deep in the esteem of those who came before you, while we reflect on how their legacy has built a better tomorrow for everyone. So sit back, relax and enjoy a space that’s entirely for you!

See you at the Ida!


UMSU is committed to promoting safe and responsible use and service of alcohol

UMSU’s Commitment

UMSU is committed to the provision of a healthy, safe and supportive environment in relation to alcohol and aims to:

  • Ensure a safe and inclusive environment, free from harassment and social pressure, for all staff and students
  • Encourage a culture of responsible use, service and consumption of alcohol and reduce alcohol-related harm and its impact on the UMSU and wider communities
  • Promote awareness of personal safety and security
  • Provide support to staff and elected student representatives who wish to address their patterns of alcohol use or other alcohol-related issues