How We Can Help

We are here to help you navigate your way through University informally and formally.

Please get in touch as soon as possible if you have questions or need advice.

Outside hours support

  • Beyond Blue — offers 24/7 mental health support via 1300 224 636.
  • Lifeline — offers 24/7 crisis support via 13 11 14.
  • headspace — provides free or low-cost mental health and wellbeing services to people under 25.
  • Suicide Call Back Service — free counselling for anyone affected by suicide. 24/7 1300 659 467.


Stay connected!

Check-in with your peers, colleagues, friends and family, and aim for at least one conversation every day (even if it is something you might normally just send them in a message).

Mental Health

  • headspace – mental health support resource for young people aged 18–25 years old. You can chat to a counsellor for free on 1800 650 890 or connect with them via online.
  • Black Dog Institute – Resources for anxiety, stress and wellbeing.
  • RUOK – Stay connected.
  • Beyond Blue – Looking after your mental health.
  • Lifeline offer free counselling via phone call on 13 11 14, or via text and online chat.

Physical Health

Look after yourself – Drink lots of water, eat balanced meals and get enough sleep.

Safer Partying Initiative (SPI) The SPI provides students with access to nonjudgmental, evidence-based information to encourage safer drug-using practices and builds linkages with external organisations. It is an nnovative peer-based program supporting diverse members of the student community by holding workshops on harm reduction strategies for people who use, or are considering the use of, currently illegal drugs. Read more here.

Other ways to manage physical health

General Wellbeing

Create a routine – Don’t burn yourself out! Set your study hours, and when they’re done, relax. Take "me" time.

Feeling unwell
  • DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS IF YOU HAVE ANY COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, including a fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, or loss or change in sense of taste or smell – however mild, even if you have a negative rapid antigen test result. Bookmark this page for Unimelb students.
  • Unimelb students please follow this guide about getting tested for COVID-19 and what to do if you or someone you know tests positive, including notifying the University for support and advice.
  • Not Covid but still feeling unwell? Book a visit to your local GP for a check up.

Personal Safety

It’s important to know that there is help available if you need to leave your home or accommodation to escape harm or violence. There may be financial pressure, tensions or a heightened sense of uncertainty and anxiety. No matter what the external stressors, violence should not be tolerated. You are not alone.

If you feel frightened or need advice, help or support, or a safe place to stay there are organisations that will provide assistance. If you are at immediate risk, call the police at 000. They are available 24/7.

Family violence courts are open and intervention orders are available. If you or a friend are suffering physical or sexual harm, please seek help or offer them support.


The UMSU Sexual Harm and Response Department works with the UMSU Advocacy and Legal services and can provide support with making complaints to the University, reporting to the police, and appropriate referrals to therapeutic services.


UniMelb Safety

Encountered Racism?

Sometimes people and actions at uni can make you feel excluded or feel like an outsider because of your race or ethnic background. If you feel like you've faced discrimination, been stereotyped or received unfair treatment, we can help you out.

What does this look like? It could be your tutor or lecturer making a joke or a comment about people of a certain race, or people treating you differently and making assumptions about you because of your ethnicity, it can even be someone making a small comment on how your English is good for someone who isn't white.

If you feel like this did happen to you, even if you're unsure, let us know via this form (anonymous option available). We can help you pursue further action or not. Reporting it helps us advocate to the University for things like training for staff members and students and resources to prevent this from happening in the future.

International students

Studying in Melbourne can be a wonderful experience for international students. However, there are challenges when coming to a new country to study.

Financial Support


Friendships, Health and Welfare


Sometimes you may need support regarding University issues. Remember we have UMSU Education Public (who build activist campaigns fighting for your rights on and off-campus) and Education Academic (who are the link between students and the academic and policy processes of the University) to help you.


Exams can be incredibly stressful but remember, they are designed for you to demonstrate what you have learned throughout the year, not to catch you out.


Academic Complaints
Bullying, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment:

Student Discipline

  • Academic misconduct and general misconduct information here.
  • If you receive notice of an allegation of misconduct, contact UMSU Advocacy immediately for support and assistance with responding to the matter. Contact us for advice.

Feeling lonely?

You can feel lonely anywhere and at any time – no matter how many people are physically around you. But if you’re tired of feeling solo and want to get connected, there are some things you can do.

Making Friends

Making new friends can be challenging, particularly if you are in a new city away from loved ones. Usually, the basis of making a friend is a shared experience around a similar passion or interest. Joining a group based on something you really love can be a great first step for finding new friendships.

  • Join a Club: We have over 200 student clubs available for you to join. Check out Clubs and Societies you can join
  • Join a Collective of like-minded peeps. Many of our student departments have collectives that run regularly. Check out our Events.
  • Reach Out have some great tools and tips on making friends.


Financial Help

Sometimes you need support managing your finances. Knowing what options are available to you can help you with budgeting and living on a limited income whilst you are studying.


  • Students experiencing hardship can talk to the UMSU Legal Service about financial counselling. The UMSU Legal Service can also provide legal advice if you are being pursued for a debt, or have a dispute with Centrelink.
  • UniMelb has a Financial Aid team that can provide information and advice about budgeting, managing debt and eligibility for Centrelink payments etc.
  • International Students may be able to access some financial support through the Study Melbourne Student Centre.
  • Utility Relief Grant for support paying bills.
  • 16-21, you may be eligible for Youth Allowance.
  • 25 or older and studying, you may be eligible for Austudy payments.
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, you may be eligible for Abstudy payments.
  • Centrelink payment recipients may also have access to Rent Assistance or the Pensioner Education Supplement.
  • The Australian Government funds The Australia Awards Scholarship program and provides opportunities for people from selected developing countries to study in Australia.


There are a number of options for free food programs to support students. Remember if you are struggling for food, please reach out to our UMSU Welfare department.

Free food options

  • Free Welfare breakfasts and and food bank.
  • Cheap lunches and chill meeting spaces in the Ida Bar..
  • Unimelb offer a number of free meal options. 
  • Priority food delivery – Woolworths are offering priority food delivery to seniors, people with disabilities or compromised immune systems. Sign up, or help out a friend or relative.

Need a job?

So you're looking for a casual job whilst you are studying? If you’re interested in working at UMSU the Casual Pool is the place for you. 

Work and employability

Access UMSU and Unimelb job opportunities here, and the Victorian Government's Jobs Victoria online hub here

Have a problem at work? For advice about employment issues, including pay disputes and harassment and bullying, contact the UMSU Legal Service here.


There are lots of reasons why you might need emergency accommodation or help with housing from eviction to being flat broke to a relationship breakdown. If you don't have anywhere to live, or anywhere that is safe to live, there is help.

Need help with your living arrangements?

Legal and Advocacy Support

UMSU Advocacy

Things go wrong at uni at the best of times and UMSU's Advocacy Service is here to help you navigate policies and procedures that govern how you and the University interact. The Advocacy Service offers free, confidential and independent advice on matters such as Misconduct, Course Academic Progres, Special Consideration, Assessment Disputes and more.

Check out their self-help resources here.

UMSU Legal Service

The UMSU Legal Service is a community legal centre that provides free and confidential legal advice and financial counselling services to all current UniMelb students.

The Legal Service is staffed by qualified lawyers and provides legal help for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Renting
  • Infringements/fines
  • Minor criminal law
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Employment law including bullying
  • Consumer law
  • Family violence/personal safety intervention orders
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harrassment

Contact the UMSU Legal Service here.