BIOM20002 Human Structure and Function

Recommended? Yes

Available as breadth? No

Human Structure and Function is a really useful subject. It is divided into three modules: 1) Physiology 2) Pharmacology 3) Anatomy. The lectures are organised (loose use of the phrase) in such a way that you cover the part of the body and its anatomy and physiology at roughly the same time.

The anatomy is intense, and the pracs (with real cadavers) were quite intense, but overall pretty amazing. Advice for anatomy: they expect you to know everything! No tiny detail is insignificant. Stay on top of the material, use the ADSL and pracs to help you totally grasp and recall the content. Be warned- submissions included questionable teaching of the physiology elements, so stick to the textbook for this one. Stay on top of the readings and answer the questions (often high similarity between textbook questions and exam questions). The Pharmacology module is content heavy but fascinating and exciting to understand how they affect the body at a holistic level.