Promoting Indian culture to all University students, regardless of background and uniting them through a diverse array of social, cultural and recreational events throughout the year.


Since the inception of the Melbourne University Indian Club (MUIC) in 1997, MUIC has served to provide fun and frivolity for students of sub-continental origin. Through myriad events held throughout the year, MUIC is indeed one of the largest and well-established premier youth organisations in Victoria.

MUIC holds a number of events throughout the year that aim to integrate university students from different faculties and cultural backgrounds and immerse them in rich Indian culture. Our four major events include:

  • Themed boat cruises
  • After exam parties
  • The Annual MUIC Ball
  • Maha Milan, our cultural talent show from which all proceeds go to a chosen charity

Make the most of your university experience and get involved with MUIC!

Club Aims:

  1. To promote Indian Culture to all ethnic groups.
  2. To act as a voice for the Indian community to the university as a whole.
  3. To bring Indians over the University to participate together in various events.

Indian Club
Mailbox 20
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010