21-31 October 2014

Closing Night, Thursday 30 October, 5-7 PM

Youjia Lu


A metre by metre square cage serves as an external representation of one’s mental prison. I improvise a performance of weaving red rope into a web. There are two forms of prison that are created in this work, the more identifiable cubic metal cage and the overwhelming chaotic form of a net like prison in which the strings engulfs and dominates the space. The materials reinforce one another as the fear and anxiety grows, the barriers and self suppression grows also.

I am interested in using my art practice as an exploration of the invisible “reality” within the human subconscious mind. I am looking for a connection that can generate new perceptions and dialogues around the individuality, relationships, and human nature on both a physical and psychological levels. Most of my work is project based. Depending on the content of the project, the media and forms mainly cover video, photography, installation and performance.

IMAGE: Youjia Lu, Cage (performance). Performance still, 2014