Nicholas Lam has ceased their term as VCA Campus Coordinator effective from 10/04/2018, creating a casual vacancy. An unscheduled meeting of the VCA Committee has been called for 4pm, the 24th of May to consider filling the casual vacancy. The meeting will be held in the Dr. Philip Law Meeting Room, Elisabeth Murdoch Building, Southbank Campus.

All students that currently students at the Victorian College of the Arts Campus are eligible to nominate for the position as outlined by the UMSU constitution and may do so by emailing the General Secretary at When nominating, please let us know if you will be in attendance, or if in lieu of this, sending in a written statement.

The aims and objectives of the department are:

a) to provide a suitable cultural and social climate on campus and create opportunities for, and encourage, the development of social interaction between Students.

b) to provide for, protect and develop the interests of Students with regard to financial, social, educational, professional and welfare matters and encourage interest groups and clubs and societies on campus.

c) to represent Students’ interests in any matters as deemed necessary or desirable by the Department.

d) to provide, or ensure the provision of, facilities and services for the academic support, professional education, refreshment, entertainment, recreation and convenience of Students.

e) to occupy and operate premises, which shall be a common meeting place and social centre for Students.

f) to assume other such responsibilities and organise and direct such activities as may be deemed appropriate for giving expression to the interests of the Department, or for carrying out any of the objects aforesaid.

g) to be represented within UMSU and to cooperate with the Departments of UMSU and contribute to the specified aims and objectives of UMSU.

h) to afford a recognised means of communication between students and the authorities of the campus, University, the community at large and other organisations of students.

When selecting a student to fill the vacancy, the Committee must consider the following criteria:

  • Previous experience
  • Involvement in UMSU, department, collective, committee, Students’ Council or any body thereof
  • Previous or current holding of an Officer position in UMSU
  • Proven honesty and integrity
  • Proven commitment to the aims and objectives of UMSU (as outlined in our constitution)

For further details or queries, please contact the General Secretary at

The inaugural meeting of the 2017 Students’ Council is to be held on Wednesday, 30 November at 11am. The meeting will be held in Training Room 1, Level 3, Union House.

As part of this, there are a few of UMSU’s policies/regulations that are up for amendment or approval at this meeting.

Child Safety Policy [PDF] – We’re committed to child safety. As such, we think it’s important to have an official policy in place to ensure they are empowered, safe and respected when they participate with UMSU.

Procedures of Student Representatives Proposed Changes  [PDF] – These procedures set out the prescribed duties and responsibilities of your student representatives. The range of amendments is quite wide, covering office bearer reporting, accountability, handover procedures and other administrative tweaks.

Standing Orders Proposed Changes [PDF] – Basically, Standing Order determine the rules and procedures of how Students’ Council meetings operate. The amendments here reflect recent changes to UMSU departments, clarify some ambiguous sections and fix outdated terminology. 

Clubs & Societies Regulation changes [PDF] – General changes to the C&S regulations. Here’s a summary:

  • Compulsory camp welfare training for camp leaders (this has been endorsed by the 2016 Council)
  • Increasing the functions grant entry fee from $20 to $30
  • Removing the Returning Officer notice to the C&S Department
  • Other languages are permitted in official clubs notices as long as an English version is also available


Get more information on Students’ Council, how it works and how you can get involved.

Today, the Victorian Government is introducing legislation into Parliament to reinstate student representatives as full voting members on University Councils. Currently, two elected student representatives sit on the University of Melbourne Council, but do not have voting rights.

UMSU is committed to strong and effective student representation at all levels of governance. We are proud to have been part of this push to ensure that students are involved in university decision-making at the highest level.

The legislation will be introduced today into Parliament to amend the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 which will ensure there is at least one elected student and one elected member of staff on every University Council and at least one elected staff member on every TAFE Board, along with the CEO.

“TAFEs and Universities are major learning institutions and we’re restoring the capacity for staff and students to have a position on boards and councils,” said Steve Herbert – Minister for Training and Skills.

The full press release can be accessed here.

Statement from the 2014 Secretary:

Last year’s federal budget will have a direct and negative impact on students.

Money ripped out of the higher education sector and from student welfare is an attack on students and the University of Melbourne Student Union condemns this budget.

The proposed deregulation of student fees will decrease access to education, ensuring only those who can afford to pay with have the opportunity to learn. Compounded with changes to the HELP student loan scheme, students will be paying up to 6% interest, up from 2.9% and are required to repay their debt as soon as minimum wage is earned. UMSU condemns these changes as they will have a real and lasting affect on students’ ability to access education, and will leave students burdened with debt for years into full employment.

Replacing Newstart payments with Youth Allowance, and enforcing a six month wait before receiving the dole will leave students in great financial difficulty when they are unable to find work. Students with a disability will also be hit with changes to disability support. UMSU condemns changes to student welfare as it will leave thousands of students in financial difficulty and make tertiary education far less viable for many.

Samuel Donnelly
2014 UMSU Secretary