Climate and Weather

This major is great for anyone interested in meteorology. It is maths heavy but has great aspects to assist you including small class sizes and consistent practice exams between years.

The teaching staff are incredibly approachable for questions and have assisted many students with outside class requests in the past. Our reviewer recommended the following three first semester subjects to anyone who has meteorology on their radar (pun absolutely intended):

MAST10005 Calculus 1  (MAST10006 Calc 2 if you did Specialist Maths in high school, Calc 1 if you didn’t)

PHYS10001 Physics Advanced stream is a bit intense unless you really, really like physics

ERTH10001 The Global Environment great as an initial springboard if you’re interested in meteorology and/or geology. This is a great subject for anyone with a general interest in science but hasn’t yet pinned down a specific path.

It is also recommended to keep up with the maths subjects throughout this major- it will facilitate solid conceptual understandings as you progress, instead of just understanding how to manipulate the computer models. This major is great if you are interested in weather and the climate and aren’t scared of a bit of maths and physics. The highlight of this area of study is its dynamic nature. Due to the chaotic, constantly changing properties of the atmosphere, new challenges present themselves each day. Forecasting also has quite a decent starting salary, with plenty of room for growth.