Are you a design student with a keen hand in modelling or a science student hiding a deep secret longing to try out designing? Look no further for we are Archicle here to not only bring out your creative side, but we also do it in a sustainable way using recycled materials bought from our very own architecture faculty! (yes, we dumpster dive.) Come and join us in a variety of events in model making, with tips and tricks in crafting with your hands, and attend workshops from architects/designers in the industry! We will be waiting with our trash in hand.

Club Aims

  1. To provide a safe space for Unimelb students with creative interests, especially that of architecture students, for the purpose of model making.
  2. Establish a collaborative learning style by bringing together a peer-to-peer context within the model making space.
  3. Introduce a range of speakers and panels within the architecture industry with proficiency in model making related careers to Unimelb students.
  4. To significantly reduce the amount of wasted reusable materials within the Melbourne School of Design and other buildings that may follow suit in the future.

Room 208, Glyn Davis Building, Melbourne School of Design
The University of Melbourne 3010