Bhakti Yoga Club

UniMelb Bhakti Yoga Club, now running in its 11th year, is one of the most popular clubs on-campus. Our aim is to help students understand ancient eastern wisdom of maintaining a perfect life in today’s chaotic urban world. Our session involves relaxing music (called Kirtan), meditation, yoga sessions for a healthy body and weekly vegan food to highlight living in harmony with nature as well exciting wellbeing workshops focusing on various topics related to mind, body and soul. Your ongoing support is very much wanted throughout this semester and we hope you have a great time with us.

So don’t miss the fun! Join us through our website –, or contact us anytime via email (below). You can also follow us on our Facebook page – or instagram page –

Club Aims:

  1. To impart principles of positive thinking, life values and the science of spirituality through the ancient wisdom of the east.
  2. To practise the science of self-culture and self-realisation by conducting weekly sessions of yoga and meditation.
  3. To spread the view ‘vegetarianism’ for healthy lifestyle by holding vegetarian cooking demonstrations and distributing vegetarian food.
  4. To showcase the art of traditional spiritual music from the east by having performances and musical demonstrations.
  5. To spread the knowledge and philosophy of how to enhance the capacity of the mind by arranging lectures from visiting speakers.

Bhakti Yoga Club
Mailbox 41
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010


You can also sign up through our online club membership form.