Catholic Society

We’re a community to help students grow closer to God and deepen their appreciation for the Catholic faith in all its spiritual, intellectual and cultural dimensions.  We are committed to passing on the richness of the teachings of Catholic Church, including through talks and discussion groups including topics ranging from Scripture, to philosophy, theology, reasons for belief and the historical basis for Christianity and the Church.

In addition to the weekly free catered lunch and talk every Monday at 1 pm, we host social gatherings, prayer opportunities and a retreat. All are welcome – we hope to see you there!


Club Aims

  1. To foster the traditional Catholic Faith on campus through the Mass, Sacraments and intellectual discourse respecting the traditions of the Latin and Eastern rites of the Church.
  2. To enlighten students on how the catholic faith has shaped contemporary Australian history while also engaging in public service central to promoting true Social Justice for the community.
  3. To offer a social environment for students from the Melbourne Archdiocese and those who are interested to form strong social relationships in an authentically Catholic environment in collaboration with the Society’s broader affiliation with the Australian Catholic Student Association (ACSA).
  4. To celebrate Australia’s history and culture respecting both the Latin and Oriental (Eastern) Rites of the Church by promoting expressions of the Traditional and Orthodox Catholic Faith including facilitating the Traditional Latin Liturgy and the Devine Liturgies of the Eastern Churches.

Catholic Society
Mailbox 191, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010


You can also sign up through our online club membership form.