Chinese Culture Society

The Chinese Culture Society (CCS) aims to promote and hence consolidate traditional Chinese Culture within the university. A secondary goal of CCS is to act as a focal point, both social and cultural for students. In addition, CCS provides opportunities for debate on issues that will shape Chinese Culture in the future. CCS has been the heart of the Chinese Groups (C-Groups), which is an alliance of organisations. To extend this aim further, CCS therefore should also act as the representative body for Chinese students (both international and local) both within and outside the university. This means specifically to promote an ethos of forging links with organisations with similar ends. To achieve these ends, the club aims to: Organise events that can both incite interest in the student body and promote and expose participants to Chinese Culture. Encourage participation in these events. Make university life more colourful for all through our presence and participation in university life. Present a welcoming front to students, and to cater for their needs in a social and cultural sense by organising events or running programs of interest to them. Establish cordial relations with other international and cultural groups within university, and in other universities. Establish good relations with synergetic organisations outside of uni, with the aim of allowing members access to benefits provided by these organisations.

Club Aims:

  1. To promote understanding of and hence consolidate traditional Chinese Culture.
  2. To promote understanding of and hence consolidate modern Chinese Culture in its relevant contemporary context.
  3. To provide opportunities for debate on issues that will shape Chinese Culture in future.
  4. To provide opportunities for social interaction and exchange of ideas among:
    1. Members of this Society;
    2. Members of this Society and the community.

Chinese Culture Society
Mailbox 85
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010


You can also sign up through our online club membership form.