Community Based Health Project

The Community Based Health Project (CBHP) is a non-profit organisation based in India & Australia, which aims to eradicate health & social inequality at a grass-roots level in rural India.
In India, CBHP has done great things so far, such as the opening of the Vidya Niketan English School, the CBHP health clinic and training of Village Health Workers (VHWs) as the main agents of change in their villages.
In Australia, CBHP engages with the local community to raise awareness of global health issues highlighted by our project in India. There are opportunities to get involved with our team through the Community Partner Program, assisting in global health workshops at high schools, and even venture to rural India with our VIP trip organised annually.
Our Australian team consists of a broad range of students from different courses and backgrounds. If you are interested in being more than just a uni student, passionate about global health or keen to meet like-minded individuals, get involved with The Community Based Health Project!

Club Aims:

  1. To promote the health and wellbeing of developing communities, in Australia and overseas.
  2. To offer club members the chance to participate in community development projects.
  3. To facilitate planning and discussion of club projects.
  4. To provide to club members training and resources in the field of community development.
  5. To foster greater knowledge transfer between club members, the University community, and the broader society relating to community development.
  6. To provide a social community for its members.
  7. To raise funds in pursuance of any of the above aims.

Community Based Health Project
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