Fiesta Club

Hey you. Yeah, YOU! Have you ever thought to yourself “Man, I wish there was a club at Melbourne Uni that would allow me to both experience and learn about Latin American food and bar culture?” Well, look no further! We run social events throughout the year, aiming to gather students of all types to experience the wonderful food and bar culture of Latin America. So, if you’re into Latin American culture or just want to meet some new people what are you waiting for? Join today!

Club Aims

  1. To showcase Latin American cuisine and culture for students, in a social and inclusive club.
  2. To gather students interested in Latin American culture, as well as Latin American students at the university.
  3. To have events highlighting the diverse cuisine and bar culture of Latin America through local venues.
  4. To be a club that unites people with a common interest, one that is not currently offered at the university.
  5. To be a club that promotes positivity and is a place for students of every kind to join and have fun.

Fiesta Club
Mailbox 102, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010