Kpop Club

Whether you like dancing to the latest K-pop hits, belting out songs by your favourite K-pop artists, binging K-dramas, or simply enjoying the pop culture sensation that is K-pop, you’ll find yourself at home with UKC. We’re incredibly excited to welcome you into our community!

Learn how to sing and dance to K-pop in our weekly singing classes and biweekly (twice a week) dance classes, which are taught by our talented dancers and vocalists. Participants of all skill levels are welcome; you’re sure to gain something from the session, whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned veteran. The classes are casual, and very fun!

Take part in dance covers with our very own club-affiliated dance crew, Bias Dance, which is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with the K-pop scene in Melbourne. As a member of Bias Dance, you can participate in publics and produce dance videos that will be uploaded to our YouTube channel (with over 34k subscribers), which will be professionally filmed and edited by our productions department.

Similarly, we have Bias Vocal: a relatively new group that has plenty of room to grow and develop! You can record song covers, also to be posted on our YouTube channel. (Note: tryouts for both groups are limited and will be announced if there are any vacancies.)

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy (ooh!), come hang out with us in a number of fun and casual activities, like speed-friending events, MV screenings, BBQs and meetups, Random Play Dances, and online game sessions! Just hop onto our Discord and chat with our friendly members.

Club Aims

  1. To create a community that shares a passion for K-pop.
  2. To host events for members to foster their interest in K-pop.
  3. To provide dance instruction for members based exclusively on K-pop music and choreography.
  4. To promote K-pop music culture at the university of Melbourne.

UniMelb Kpop Club
Mailbox 70, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010

You can also sign up through our online membership form.

YouTube: UKC | Bias Dance

Instagram: @unimelb.kpop

Facebook: @unimelb.kpop

Discord: Unimelb Kpop Club

Email: ukc.unimelb[@]