LING — Melbourne University Linguistics Society

Do you study linguistics? Do you have an interest in language? Have you ever strung two words together to form a sentence?

Even if you’ve only managed one word thus far, that still means that L.I.N.G. caters for you! We are a club dedicated to linguistics and passionate about all forms of language. From hosting semantics talks, to playing with phrase structure trees, to debating if colourless green ideas do sleep furiously, to just hanging out with people and making all the sounds on the IPA chart, we have it covered.

Club  Aims:

  1. To provide a forum for students and staff in the discipline of linguistics in which to share their ideas and passions, through (but not limited to) free discussion, the presentation of theses by graduate students, hosting dedicated talks on various aspects of linguistics and linguistics-themed games.
  2. To make linguistics accessible to those who do not formally study or teach it in a social setting.
  3. To responsibly provide support for those undertaking core subjects of the Linguistics and Applied Linguistics major of the Bachelor of Arts (currently Phonetics, Syntax and Exploring Linguistic Diversity, but subject to whichever subjects may be listed as one in the future) through workshops and discussion groups.
  4. To provide an opportunity for practising linguistic analysis and methods, including (but not limited do) data collection and interpretation.
  5. To provide opportunities for volunteer members to undertake supervised linguistic fieldwork.
  6. To raise funds for donation towards the preservation of endangered language, through (but not limited to) the funding of language revival programs and the purchasing of transcription materials for field linguists and speakers of endangered languages.

LING — Melbourne University Linguistics Society
c/o School of Languages and Linguistics
Babel Building Room 507
University of Melbourne, 3010

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