Mauritian Student Society


The Mauritian Student Society has been established in 2019 with one fundamental aim: to contribute towards the wellness of the student community at large. Coming from a country where we strongly believe in the idea of inclusivity, diversity and unity, we welcome anyone who wishes to be a part of a community into the club. This club is not just about reuniting Mauritians but rather about gathering a group of people who can bring meaningful change in the lives of students at the University of Melbourne.

We plan to organize a range of activities over the semester which include charitable events, sports events, wellness programs, martial arts events, social gatherings with free food and drinks and so much more! Join us as a member or feel free to have a chat with us before you join – either way, you’re in for a good time!

By joining us, you’ll be a part of more than just a club, you’ll be a part of a loving community that cares about making a difference!

Club Aims

  1. To promote Mauritian culture (food, dance, and history) with students of different nationalities.
  2. To provide a social and official platform for new and current Mauritian students to meet and interact with each other.
  3. To create a support network that caters specifically to the wellbeing (both mental and physical) of club members at the University of Melbourne.
  4. To jointly, as club members, cater for the underprivileged in Melbourne.
  5. To have an official representation of students from Mauritius in different committees and platforms.
  6. To encourage and provide guidance to club members on how to be more active on campus and in society.

Mauritian Student Society
Mailbox 150, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010


On Facebook: @mauritianstudentsociety