Melbourne Biotechnology Club

The Melbourne Biotechnology Club mission is to increase students understanding of and exposure to the growing world of biotechnology.

Our knowledge of how the molecules of life actually work is increasing every day and opens up an exciting new world of possibilities. Biotechnology uses these advances to develop new processes and products for use in industry, health, agribusiness and other areas of human technology.

We expose students from all disciplines to this growing industry. Whether you have a background in science, business or anywhere in between, we would love to see you at some of our events and programs.

Club Aims:

  1. To increase collaboration between students and staff via an Education Officer who will liaise with relevant parties on matters such as subject changes and assessment alteration, and attend Faculty meetings to discuss such topics.
  2. To increase awareness of biotechnology in all fields, especially by encouraging the participation of students in areas such as Engineering, Medicine, Commerce, law, international Relations and more.
  3. To provide career advice for roles in the Biotechnology sector by highlighting emerging local and international opportunities achieved by facilitating career based functions, seminars and workshops.
  4. To provide a social platform where students specifically interested in Biotechnology, can grow their network and develop friendships outside of the classroom at events such as documentary screenings, excursions, BBQs and more.

Melbourne Biotechnology Club

Mailbox 155, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010