Moda9 Melbourne Fashion Society

A love of fashion, cosmetics and a healthy dose of vanity is behind MODA9. As one of many student clubs, we want to stand out from the crowd and we want our members to do so too. We aim to offer a platform for diverse students of all interest areas through photography, modelling, design, article writing, content creation, research and more. We believe everyone needs a creative outlet and what better way to create one than to bring fashion back to UniMelb. Expect popup photoshoots, interviews, insights, and runway events. If you have a hidden creative talent, let us know!

Club Aims

  1. To bring discussions related to fashion and education to the University of Melbourne.
  2. To foster creativity and art through fashion to students of every area.
  3. To encourage students to share their interests in and passion for fashion with other like-minded people.
  4. To bring about a new club with a unique aim, since there is a lack of fashion-based University of Melbourne clubs.
  5. To provide a hands-on, practical experience for students in skill areas including media, writing and photography.
  6. To provide students with industry expertise, and with mentors and contacts in what is a highly competitive industry.

Moda9 Melbourne Fashion Society
Mailbox 153, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010