Publishing Students Society

The Publishing Students’ Society welcomes all students with an interest in working in the publishing industry. We are organising a range of professional networking opportunities for our members such as industry trips within Melbourne and to Sydney to visit publishing/media companies and evenings with speakers from the industry. We’re also planning trivia nights and social gatherings.

We’d also like to offer our members opportunities to work on publishing projects to enhance their practical skills and we’re looking at partnering with local writers festivals to give our members special access to events.

Club Aims:

  1. Create professional networking and development opportunities for members within the publishing/editing industry in Australia and abroad.
  2. Provide academic support for students in the university’s publishing programs and promote academic excellence in the field of publishing and editing.
  3. Keep members informed about the publishing industry in Australia and abroad.
  4. Foster a sense of community among students in the university’s publishing program around a shared interest in the publishing industry.

Publishing Students Society
C/- School of Culture and Communication
John Medley Building, Room 216
University of Melbourne VIC 3010
The University of Melbourne, VIC 3010

You can also sign up through our online membership form.


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