Student Community Projects

Ever thought about what is lacking on Southbank campus? Wanted to start something big but not known where to start? Are interested in building community across disciplines? Well this initiative is for you!

Student Community Projects is UMSU Southbank’s initiative to turn your vision for a better campus into a student-led project with outcomes for as many students as possible. The initiative is founded on two key foundations. The first is that students are not customers; we are a key stakeholder in the University and our education doesn’t end when we leave the classroom. University life is about building life-long relationships and community, it’s about trying, failing and succeeding at practices we are passionate about, and above all its about growing as people and as leaders.

Following from this, the second principle is that for University life to be a fulfilling and enriching experience for students, we need to be given the skills and opportunities to take ownership over our community. This means leading on projects that shape and develop the University community.

During Semester 1, 2020, Southbank students will be invited to pitch their projects, find common themes and goals, and engage in a collective decision-making process to decide on budgeting. A minimum of 4 projects will be funded.

Project Convenors will be invited to undertake training in community engagement, facilitation, project management and be provided with access to UMSU’s design staff.

You can read more about the guidelines for the initiative by looking at this document.

How can I get involved?

1. Think of an idea – is it a series of workshops, a campaign, a publication, a community garden or something else?

2. Bring it along to the INFORMATION SESSION & WORKSHOP on March 10th from 5.30pm @ the UMSU Space on Level 2, The Hub Building (Southbank Library). Be ready to work with others on integrating your ideas and working toward shared goals.

3. Continue building your ideas over weeks 2 & 3. We’ll provide you with tools and resources to get going!

4. Join us in Week 4 for a COMMUNITY BUDGETING SESSION on March 24th from 5.30pm @ the UMSU Space on Level 2, The Hub Building (Southbank Library). Here you can present your projects and caucusing to decide which projects are most urgent and important and should be funded.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact UMSU Southbank at