Judy’s Punch Sub-Editor Positions Applications – EXTENDED

The UMSU Women’s Department is seeking applications for three different sub-editing teams for the 2020 Edition of Judy’s Punch. These teams are Graphics Team, Commentary Sub-Editor Team and Creative Sub-Editor Team. These teams will be led by the respective Editor. The Commentary and Creative sub-editing teams will be tasked with sub-editing pieces submitted by contributors for publication in Judy’s Punch. The Graphics team will be in charge of the formatting and visual design of the magazine.

Please note the applicants must:

  • Be a student at the University of Melbourne,
  • Have their own equipment and software necessary to sub-edit.
  • Identify as a woman or a non-binary person for autonomous reasons

Applications should be sent to judyspunch2020@gmail.com by Friday the 11th of September at 11:59PM. Applications should include the following:

    • GRAPHICS: link to  a website portfolio OR four or more examples of your work, along with a short description of your work and why you enjoy graphic design (you may include this description in your cover letter).

Please feel free to send any questions to judyspunch2020@gmail.com as well! Best of luck!