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Subject: AHIS30019 Theory and Practice of Art History

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Emily Roberts said : Jul 24, 2017 at 10:56 PM

The capstone subject for the Art History major, it's nice getting to know other Art History students as it can be a rather standoff-ish group. Fairly careers focused unlike a lot of arts subjects. Each week you look at a different theory of art history, most popular academic associated with it and a time-period most commonly associated with them. You also do a lot of comparing and contrasting of theories in both ordinary classes and for the assignments. Part of the future focus of the class means there's a few excursions including to the NGV and the VCA. The subject co-ordinator also sent us really nice emails about what was happening every week in terms of arts events across Victoria. There are no lectures for this subject only a two hour tutorial which goes by very quickly and is quite difficult to get used to if you're familiar with the usual 2x lectures and 1x tutorial.

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