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Subject: BIOM20001 Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine

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Anonymous said : Jul 03, 2017 at 6:43 PM

Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine (AKA. "MCB") is one of those subjects that is well feared by many 2nd year Biomeds. With it's heavy 6 lectures a week for the entire semester, and double credit points in worth, you'll definitely hear many rumours about this one. However, as a basis for really getting a taster into the different majors of Biomedicine, this subject really does it's job. Biochemistry, Molecular processes, gene regulation, cellular transport, intracellular signalling and immune responses, are taught in a manner that really shows how they interrelate with one another as part of the "bigger picture" of how life and diseases work. Mind you, as already hinted in the 6 lecture a week fear factor, the workload expected in this course is not something you can shy away from. The content is fascinating but will be a mix of "difficult to understand" or huge in content to digest, or both if you're like me. It won't be fun catching up on those 72 lectures in swotvac (believe me, you just simply won't have time T-T), so make sure you're up to scratch with the content each week! Workload aside, this subject is really fascinating and deeply emphasises on understanding the underlying mechanisms that contribute to diseases (cancer, in particular). It sounds like first year Biology, but trust me, its not, this subject will really go into depth, so be prepared! Studying the amino acids, glycolysis and krebs cycle (down to the enzymes involved) , ahead of time might give you a bit of an edge for the start of the subject. Also, if you're stuck, make sure you get help as soon as you can! It WILL help in the long run! Best of luck!

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