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Subject: MUSI20163 Samba Band

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Zoey Ling said : Aug 22, 2017 at 2:15 AM

This subject is really an interesting one as I get to perform as a team on Brazilian Drumming Ensemble. It will be a recorded session during Week 12 for the tutor to evaluate the student's performance. I find the weekly Samba band classes challenging as we have to learn new rhythm and beats, plus remembering different parts for each Brazilian drums. The assignment for this subject is based on a review on the Brazilian drums used and songs performed during semester, which I find it not too difficult as it is based on one's personal experiences. With constant practice, this subject could potentially be a subject that could increase one's Weighted Average Marks.

Benjamin Z said : Sep 03, 2020 at 1:31 PM

This subject should not have been delivered online. We cannot even touch the real instrument. It is reasonable to use practice pad for repinique practice but when it comes to tambourine, teachers ask us to use a plate to practice----- imagining using a teeth brush to paint. Teachers cannot actually hear or see if students do it wrong through zoom which bought me a lot of troubles when I want to practice. It is actually indifferent for me to watch YouTube videos to learn. Plus, marking process is very ambitious. 50% related to class participation which do not have clear criteria. Although marks do no count into wam. It is very irresponsible to deliver this subject online.

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