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Subject: NEUR30002 Neurophysiology: Neurons and Circuits

2 Comments on NEUR30002 Neurophysiology: Neurons and Circuits

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Liz said : Jul 12, 2017 at 12:49 PM

Fantastic subject. I came into this subject unsure what to expect and took the 2 first semester neuroscience units. I absolutely loved it. The content was very interesting and we had multiple guest lecturers who were specialists in their field who lectured very current research. The assessments were fair and Andrew Allen is a fantastic lecturer. I recommend this subject for anyone looking for a third year science subject that is slightly less intense than Physiology/Anatomy subjects as it only had 3 lectures a week.

Meg said : Aug 12, 2017 at 12:22 AM

I didn't really enjoy this subject during semester, especially because we had a few lecturers who weren't very engaging/interesting to listen to. Having said that, Andrew and Angelina organised a special talk by the dean of the Faculty of MDHS - which was an amazing talk on schizophrenia- and we also had a few guest lecturers from the Florey Institute who lectured about neurogenesis and stem cell treatment of Parkinson's disease which I absolutely loved when I was studying it the second time round for exams. The 8am's on Friday mornings were a bit of a bummer but other than that, it was an alright subject with fair assessments throughout semester and a pretty straightforward exam at the end. I wouldn't recommend doing this subject alone without Principles of Neuroscience - just because there are parts which get skimmed over in Neurophys which we covered extensively in Principles (such as the basal ganglia pathway). Good luck!

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