ENST20002 Environmental Change Field Class

Recommended? Yes
Available as Breadth? Yes

What a fantastic subject! Not only do you get the chance to travel to Far North Queensland to look at some key sights, swim in water holes and take part in proper coring activities, but you also make 25 great friends.

The subject consists of the 10 day field trip in the Mid-Sem break, and doesn’t require much work. You can go and take no notes if you so please, but Ian Thomas is an extremely interesting individual who knows his stuff, so it’s a good opportunity to learn new concepts and ideas. The theory of it isn’t overly in-depth, a lot of it is broad. You get maybe 10-60 minutes of “lecture” a day, depending on the activities.

When you come back, during the semester there is a laboratory project examining pollen slides taken from a sediment core, and presenting a research paper as a poster. The workload is fine, with 2 hours a week you couldn’t ask for much more!