Carnival Day 2019

Tuesday 26 February 2019,
South Lawn

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Carnival Day is the official opening to SummerFest and one heck of a welcome party for all new and returning students, staff and friends of the University of Melbourne community.

Say hello to UMSU (your student union) in style with giveaways, games, live entertainment and much more. There’s something for everyone, whether you’ve got energy to burn or just want to find a nice place to chill and read about the new life ahead of you.

Keep an eye out for Hooptopia at the Union House Theatre marquee. While you’re there, get a free 80s hair makeover from our friendly stylists. Once you’re looking fierce, stop by the Advocacy and Legal tent to find out more about these amazing services (and grab some happy snaps from their photobooth).

Visit UMSU Activities to find out the rad bands and parties they’ll be hosting throughout the semester and score some tickets to Union House Sleepover and Start of Uni Party. Still keen for more? Stop by UMSU International’s tent to grab a goodie bag and sign up for their fun adventure tours!

Munch on free fairy floss and win prizes with UMSU Welfare and wash it down with popcorn, shaved ice and rad chats with your UMSU Disabilities reps. Catch up with your UMSU Education representatives and learn about the important campaigns they’ll be running this year to make your time at uni an all-round better experience. Introduce yourselves to our lovely reps from UMSU People of Colour and win prizes with their carnival games – or just indulge in the free snacky things they have on offer.

Meet the fun folk from UMSU Queer, get some glitter for yo face and a zine to take home. Speaking of, don’t forget to stop by the UMSU Media stall to find out how you can be involved in Farrago Magazine, Radio Fodder and more!

Of course, take some time to visit the UMSU Clubs & Societies tent to grab a Clubs Guide and prepare yourself for the Clubs Expos later in the week!

Meet the UMSU Women’s department, get a rad tote bag and find out how they’ll be working hard for gender equality across the campus and in the wider community. Make sure you take some time to meet UMSU Enviro, nom some free rice paper rolls, enjoy a chai and find out how they can show you the door to sustainable thinking and effective activism.

North Beach

Had enough of the noise and sun? Come on up to North Court at Union House and enjoy the chill beach space. Yup, we’re trading bricks for sand to give you a nice quiet space to relax and decompress 🙂