Hello Everyone

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdown in Melbourne, we could not hold many events, but Ta-da!! We are holding an Annual General Meeting on ZOOM to elect new committee members and will be giving out $10-worth-WoolWorth eGift Cards to the first 40 attendees so that you can enjoy some delish desserts for free

You would also be able to find out more about Chocolate Lovers’ Society and ask us about our society’s finance and operation reports. Of course, you would be able to vote on any resolutions proposed as well! You, as a member will be asked to vote to:

– Accept the annual reports and financial statements

– Elect members to executive and general committee positions


4:15pm to 5:30pm AEST*, Friday 4th September (Week 5)

*Please check the time if you are in different time zone

<Zoom ID and Password>


meeting ID: 984 5292 0035
Password: 422834

<The positions needed to be elected>





General Committee (up to 6 members)

*President, Secretary and Treasurer are the positions elected first

<How to nominate>

Please email Julia Kim by 6:00pm, 2nd of September. Her email address is juliak4@student.unimelb.edu.au

You can nominate for any position(s) and there are no interviews, no resumes etc needed if you have the passion for chocolate. ANYONE can nominate themselves and it is really worthwhile to run this society not only to explore various desserts in melbourne but also to bring joys to the other members :).

Just a reminder that you might have to present a small speech if required.


<The amendments proposed for the constitution> 

There is no amendment proposed this year.

Thank you and stay safe