The University of Melbourne is planning to relocate many of its student services and facilities to a new location on the corner of Grattan Street and Swanston Street.

This provides the opportunity to rethink this part of the campus and build a new student precinct. A place that meets the needs of the students and the wider Melbourne community from 2018 and beyond.

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the Student Union (UMSU) have invited graduate architecture students from the Melbourne School of Design to give a long term design response and create a unique precinct for student activity and services.

The new precinct should provide a sense of pride and ownership for students and should welcome and engage the broader community. At the same time, the long history and culture of the University and Melbourne’s Aboriginals will be respected in the design proposals.

Most of all, the new student precinct needs to act as a social hub and facilitate a wide range of social events and activities for all the students of the University.

The studio has tried to give an answer to the central question:

‘what makes a student precinct?’

The five designs presented in the exhibition have all given their own answer to the question based on extensive research and analysis of future use and users, the connections between the site and the University and the city of Melbourne and architectural theory that deals with monumentality, tradition, memory and representation.

A design by the students for the students.


  • Sze Lok Chan
  • Alice Choi
  • Emmanuel Cohen
  • Zachariah
  • Dahdoule
  • Job Gabriels
  • Lucy Griffith
  • Kenneth Jimbo
  • Jingwen Li
  • Shi Jie On
  • Jeremy Ye


  • Hans van Rijnberk