Week 12 getting you down? 😩
Need that little bit more motivation to get you through semester? 💪🏻
Don’t worry we gotchu fam with our latest freebies event!! 😍😊

We are excited to announce that we’re doing a giveaway of our exam destress packs in collaboration with Cast On Charity Group! Grab one next Monday outside Union House for a little motivational boost to get you to the end of the semester ❤️


  • Union House South Court Entrance (entry near the commbank ATM/zambrero)


  • 12pm until runs out

Contents will include:
– 🍫
– exclusive DIY keychain craft pack 😍
– (fancy) origami kit ✨
– bubblewrap for a poppin’ time ⚪️


P.S stock is very limited so come on time to avoid disappointment!

To support the global effort of being more environmentally friendly, we strongly encourage all students to BRING YOUR OWN BAGS 🛍 to collect the goodies.

Lots of love as always,
FOF flock ❤️