In partnership with Melbourne Fringe Festival, the Victorian College of the Arts is wickedly excited to bring you FRISK 2016!

Featuring some of VCA’s best and brightest, the FRISK 2016 lineup will challenge, inspire, entertain and mesmerise, as productions tackle dingoes, missing prime ministers, agoraphobia and everything in between!

A Dingo Ate my Baby / Small Brown Supporting Role (Double Bill)

Delve into a world of impromptu raps, dangerous dingoes, decisions and regrets/#noregrets. A Dingo Ate My Baby is a black comedy cabaret about a woman’s right to choose.

Small Brown Supporting Role turns conventional white wisdom on its head and presents you with a world that challenges you to see beyond black and white.

Bag of D*cks

Kyle’s come home. To get married. His new city mates plan to put the bang in his buck but his country roots run deep and the ‘best night ever’ is somehow going terribly wrong. An examination of antiquated male rituals and the tensions of mateship. Bag of D*cks: the whitest of black comedies.

HOLT! Who Goes There?

What really happened to Harold Holt? A fantastical underwater adventure, drenched in conspiracy and mystery. Australia’s 17th Prime Minister, thrust into a world of new policies, grasping for understanding like a fish out of water. Is it the fever dream of a dying man? Or is it the truth? Dive in and sea.

Life on Repeat

Person stands at edge of roof.
‘I just want it to stop. Stop thinking’.

The human mind can experience 36,000 thoughts in a single minute. Life on Repeat follows one consciousness split into six bodies. The past behind them and a clear future one step in front. Witness a moment of life exploded into an eternity of thought.


Haven’t called your Mother in a while?

She carried you for nine months, she fed you, she clothed you, friending her on Facebook is not a lot to ask now, is it?

In this dark comedy five daughters will delve deep into the beauties, horrors, complexities and extremities of mother-daughter relationships.

There will be blood of the uterine kind!

Three Blind Mice

The world is a scary place. What would happen if you decided never to leave your house? Meet Shaz, the agoraphobic hoarder battling a rodent infestation, whose reality is slowly being nibbled away. Squeeze through the mouse-hole of this absurdist comedy and explore the effects of fear and loneliness in a world where hiding from reality is not as easy as you’d imagine.

Full $17.50 / Concession $12.50
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Venue: FRISK Hub, 28 Dodds St, Southbank, 3006

234 St Kilda Rd, Southbank VIC 3006