Introduction to Refugee Politics: Myths, Facts and #LetThemStay

The #LetThemStay campaign is spreading like wildfire and around the country the refugee campaign has been hacking away at the Government’s fearmongering and scapegoating of refugees. Public opinion is shifting too; teachers, doctors, nurses, unionists and even state Premiers are turning against the policy of offshore detention, saying that enough is enough and that refugees must be treated fairly and given the protection they need.

Are you interested in joining the refugee campaign? Or perhaps you’re curious about refugee politics? There has never been a better time to get involved! The Melbourne University Campus Refugee Rights Club (CRRC) will be holding the first of its weekly meetings this semester and we want YOU to be there! We’ll be giving everyone a crash course in refugee politics and activism, as well as brainstorming what to do this semester to grow the movement on and off campus.

CRRC is always looking for budding activists raring to make a change through outreach, nonviolent direct action and mass campaign-building. Join us weekly in Old Quad G09 from 12-2 on Tuesdays to find out more!