Hey, SEEGamers!

This one’s a bit of a special one – in preparation for Friday’s trivia night, the weekly meeting beforehand is going to host a once-in-a-semester-at-least-time event, the inaugural SEE Jeopardy competition! The group of participants will be split up into three teams, and play a committee-built video-game themed version of the game show Jeopardy! Trivia pride is on the line in this fast-paced quiz event!

After this we’ll be heading to the Members Lounge for our Offical Trivia Night at 6pm (So we recommend to get dinner during the hour period)

And as always, we’ve got all our array of consoles (PS4/Xbox One/Wii U/PS3) to come in and play, plus food and drink to snack on. So rock up anytime between 2-5, and have some gaming fun!

P.S. Our venue may change, so keep on checking our Facebook page for the latest info!

~ Your SEE Committee